Snow Drawings by Sonja Hinrichsen is a Maze of Perfect Powder

Snow Drawings by Sonja Hinrichsen is a twisting wonderland of fresh powder. The swirls were created by Hinrichsen and five volunteers who walked in circles for hours. The massive piece of snow-art was made at Rabbit Ears Pass, Colorado on a clear winter day. Becasue the artwork cannot be fully appreciated from the ground, photos were taken by local pilot Jack Dysart who flew over the landscape in his plane.

The power-perfect foot drawings look like something that would be part of Narnia or a snowy version of Alice in Wonderland. Sadly the Snow Drawings by Sonja Hinrichsen shortly disappeared after they were created because that's what happens with nature. Luckily, the winter wonderland spirals were captured on film so one can reminisce on their looping beauty.