The Shirayukiza Snow Brownie Cakes are Inspired by the Hokkaido Snow

 - Oct 31, 2017
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Warm chocolate brownies are often enjoyed as a comforting winter treat and nothing better captures this combo than the Shirayukiza Snow Brownie Cakes. Inspired by the snowy Japanese city of Hokkaido, the layered brownies offer an Asian twist on a classic American dessert.

The Shirayukiza Snow Brownie Cakes are tiny desserts available in boxes of four, eight, or 12 pieces. The tiny cakes are split into two distinct layers, the first of which is a marshmallow-infused white chocolate inspired by the Hokkaido snow. This creamy layer sits atop a rich chocolate brownie enriched with ganache for a velvety smooth texture. Finally, little pockets of jelly filling are placed throughout for an added fruit flavor. The result is a sweet chocolate brownie that "will melt in your mouth like snow."