The Snovsen Lamp by MadeByWho is Inspired by Geometric Shapes

 - Sep 7, 2012
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The Snovsen Lamp is a minimalist light fixture that is nevertheless chock full of character. From its hunched frame to its bowed head, there is a cuteness about its somber attitude that can't help but bring to mind Pixar films and the famous Ikea lamp commercial.

Designed by Danish design studio MadeByWho, the Snovsen Lamp is based on geometric shapes, specifically the circle and the square. This happens to refer to traditional Scandinavian design tradition. Not only does it adhere to classic cultural designs, its simple aesthetic allows it to complement just about any environment and existing decor. The Snovsen Lamp's stand is made out of Danish maple wood while its lampshade is crafted out of thin ceramic. Available in various colors, it works with LED lights.