The Snickers Hunger Bars Speak to Your Need for Fuel

 - Oct 18, 2017
References: preparedfoods
The new Snickers Hunger Bars have been announced as an alternative snack option to the original chocolate bar that speaks to consumer needs when feeling certain emotions. The new chocolate bars come in three options indulging Fiery, Espresso and Salty & Sweet, which have been branded as 'Wimpy?,' 'Irritable?' and 'Indecisive?,' respectively. The three flavors incorporate hot pepper, real espresso or salted caramel into the mix to help offer a delicious boost to your mood when you're feeling hungry.

The Snickers Hunger Bars are set to launch onto the market in June 2018 and are set to be a limited-edition series of products that are sure to be coveted by fans of the brand that like the cheeky new branding approach.