Snel's Peer-to-Peer Shopping Network Uses Facebook to Sell Textbooks

 - Mar 24, 2016
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There are dozens of ways to sell a textbook, but Snel's solution takes the form of a peer-to-peer shopping network that operates via social media.

Snel describes that "To open up a book store all you have to do is Log in with Facebook." At this stage, it's as simple as scanning an item's barcode so that the app can get to work retrieving information on the cover, author, ISBN and more. Other than scanning a book's barcode, the only thing left for a Snel user to do is decide on a price.

Offers will come in via a feature called 'SnelChat' and once an agreement has been made, it becomes official with a 'SnelShake.' This causes the listing to be deleted, automatically informing other interested users that the textbook is no longer available. In comparison to traditional channels for selling textbooks, this P2P network takes out a lot of the grunt work, which is highly appealing to young students who want instant gratification and money in their pockets.