The Snapper Clothespin is Produced as a Single Component

 - Mar 14, 2014
References: molgard & yankodesign
Consider the implications of the production advancements of items like this Snapper Clothespin. This product replaces the two-sided wooden clothes peg that's joined by a metal spring, presenting a manufacturing process that's streamlined, simplified and economical.

Claus Molgard and Per Skovholt worked on this contemporary doodad, developing a form that would have the capacity to pinch tightly in its passive state. The way that the designers accomplished this was by integrating a pair of hooklike protrusions that link together and keep the pincers touching. Generous looping levers are comfortable to operate by the fingertips, causing the gripping tips to separate when forced close. The Snapper Clothespin is a complete POM nylon product right out of the mold, through an efficient procedure that better represents the standard use of the item.