The 'Snail Measuring Tape' Lets You Relive Your Childhood While Working

 - Aug 1, 2013
References: fancy
The 'Snail Measuring Tape' is a cute extendable ruler that doubles as a friend. Created by design studio OTOTO, the measuring tape imitates the slow-moving creatures while you go about your business. When you extend the mollusc-shaped gadget, the head comes out as if a snail were peeking out of its shell. After you're done, you can let the adorable snail back into the shell by pressing on the center button.

OTOTO's measuring tape lets you measure in both centimeters and inches while putting a smile on the faces of spectators. You can choose from five different colors so that the tape measure's color matches whatever you're doing. The Snail Measuring Tape comes in Green, Red, Blue, Charcoal and White.