'Smooshy Mushy' is a New Line of Scented, Slow-Rise Pets

 - Mar 5, 2018
References: prnewswire & walmart
Smooshy Mushy, a new brand of toy from RedwoodVentures Ltd., combines the best of the slow-rise toy phenomenon with cute collectible gamification to keep kids looking for their next squishy friend. The first series of the collectibles was released back in October, and the dessert- and food-themed pets have been making waves with kids everywhere.

There are eight different pets in the Smooshy Mushy collection, each of which is based off of both a food and an animal. For example, Lolli Lamb is a round little puff ball with a lollipop bow and an ice cream cone friend, and Popsy Pig is a cute piglet with syrup and a pat of butter on its head and a pancake sidekick.

Beyond their appealing, slow-rise tactility, the pets are all scented like their food items, making them engaging beyond touch and sight.