The LYNK & C0 01 Car Is Designed for Unprecedented Connectivity

 - Oct 21, 2016
References: lynkco & newatlas
LYNK & CO, a new brand owned by Geely Auto Group, has launched a cutting-edge connected smart SUV. It has been designed to offer a truly unprecedented degree of Internet connectivity, smartphone compatibility and open-source opportunities through its compact modular architecture and open API. 

The unveiled 01 model automobile is expected to be offered with either 1.5-liter or 2-liter Volvo engines that will work in conjunction with six-speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch transmissions. The innovative sport utility vehicle features a body that is designed to be functionally stiff but aesthetically smooth, formalizing a balance between safety and style. For the ultimate in efficiency and adaptability, the connected car is built on a modular skeleton with CMA technology, which is what enables it to work with a wide variety of engines ranging from traditional petrol to modern electric units. 

Personalization and customization do not end with the physical components of LYNK & CO cars, but continue into the programming of the software and API in general. Brands including Microsoft and Alibaba are set to collaborate on exciting use applications, making this the first consumer automobile to take advantage of IoT, e-commerce, the sharing economy, as well as a dedicated mobile app store exclusively for the 01 and upcoming 02, 03 and beyond. Its creators are working to essentially deliver a "smartphone on wheels" with LYNK & CO.

Now, how does this change consumers’ relationship to cars? They will be able to buy their LYNK & CO cars online and have them delivered right to their driveways. A revolutionary "Share" button appears on the touchscreen dashboard, offering the SUV’s owner the option of renting out the vehicle while at work or out of town. The vehicle’s availability can be advertised to friends or members of the neighborhood, and be accessed and operated by a digital key. More than a car, LYNK & CO is actually working to introduce community into the car ownership equation, bringing new meaning to the concept of car sharing.

Physically and digitally, the LYNK & CO smart SUV is a trailblazing product that cleverly synthesizes automotive design with technology, backed by a truly innovative connected business model.

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