This Smart Light Concept is Designed for Mobility and Enhances Emotions

 - May 29, 2014
References: fastcoexist
A new student-designed smart light sets the right mood regardless of what you're up to. The LHT Lamp is a concept by California College of Art student Quin Boucher. Rather than just having settings for on and off, the innovative illuminator allows you to change hues to increase intimacy, focus, calmness or add your own soundtrack.

Whether it's waking you up with a blue light, or putting you to sleep with a red one, the smart light is created to match your mood. Unlike bright white lights that can increase depression, this mobile lamp uses science and melatonin levels to drive the desired task no matter where you move to.

You can alter the color and intensity using a smartphone app as well. It also comes equipped with speakers so you can play the appropriate music for the activity at hand.