The Smart Guide System Manages Tangled Cords with Colorful Tubing

Any attempt to make the mess of appliances' cords more orderly and attractive is very welcome. The Smart Guide system was developed by Marin Myftiu to help you lead wires along controlled paths, creating straight and tidy lines and introducing the cheerful aesthetic of vibrant color.

The concept proposes the use of flexible rubber sticks that come in a range of lengths with open honeycomb loops along them. Cables from extension cords, computer adapters, mobile phone chargers and other devices can be easily fed through these holes to keep them aligned with the Smart Guides. Notches in the sides of the octagonal grommets also enables you to connect many of them together so that these conduits don't become twisted as well. Smart Guides can be lead along skirting boards, up walls, along tables and through desks.