18 Year Old Rifath Shaarook Built the World's Smallest Satellite

 - Jun 1, 2017
References: springwise
An Indian teenager has built the smallest satellite in the world and NASA is going to launch it into space next month. 18 year old Rifath Shaarook constructed a tiny satellite that is just 1.5 inches wide and weighs only 64 grams, winning the Cubes in Space design competition put on by education company idoddle, NASA and the Colorado Space Grant Consortium.

Made out of 3D printed carbon fiber, the world's smallest satellite has been named KalamSat after the late former Indian president and scientist Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. The KalamSat satellite will be launching from the Wallops Island, Virginia NASA facility on June 21st, 2017 for a 4 hour suborbital flight. This will include 12 minutes spent in microgravity.