Wiegand Maelzer's SlideWheel is a Ferris Wheel and Waterslide in One

 - Oct 26, 2017
References: wiegand-maelzer & digitaltrends
The world of theme parks guarantees spectacle and excitement above all else, and the SlideWheel is a new ride that delivers on that promise. The waterslide, which was designed by German company Wiegand Maelzer, combines the movements of a Ferris wheel with the speed and thrill of a waterslide by taking an intricate tangle of tubes and placing them on a horizontal axle, allowing the entire ride to rotate while guests whip through it.

SlideWheel offers all the best aspects of a classic waterslide, like speed, g-forces, and even the occasional bit of air time, but its rotation helps it bring so much more to the table. Depending on the point in the ride, guests might end up sliding backwards, moving in a pendulum, or experiencing zero g-force (i.e. zero gravity).