Abu Dhabi Airport's Sleeping Pods Will Have You Relaxing Like a Baby

 - May 11, 2013
References: luxurylaunches
Falling asleep in airports is a common occurrence that forces people into arranging themselves in uncomfortable positions on a bench in front of random strangers, but the Abu Dhabi International Airport is changing that experience with its new sleeping pods.

The 'GoSleep' sleeping pods allow airport patrons to doze off while waiting for their flight or tardy family members. The pods feature a cocoon design that can be converted into a flatbed, which gives users the comfort needed to acquire full relaxation. The sleeping pods also have built-in blinders, which allows passengers to seal themselves off from the outside world and awkward glances from random gawkers. At $13 an hour, the GoSleep offers all the amenities of a home-made bed, except the loving spouse.