Filling Pieces' Sleek Sneaker Series Was Promoted with Stylish Imagery

Filling Pieces, an Amsterdam-based footwear label, released a lookbook for its 'Inner Circle' range -- a selection of sleek sneakers that it showcases through the lens of a vintage Hasselblad camera.

Shot by Fabien Montique, the images depict models in industrial settings, working to highlight the colorways and structures of the shoes by contrasting them with light gray concrete. Throughout the lookbook, consumers can view a vast selection of sleek sneakers, all of which carry an overall minimalist aesthetic while also standing out.

Filling Pieces maintains this by making the uppers mostly monochromatic, allowing the high-quality material it uses to speak for itself and giving the shoes more versatility as a result. In order to keep the collection exclusive, the brand is only offering 250 of each style presented, prompting consumers to make their buying decisions a little quicker.