These Engraved Metallic Skull Replicas Display the Evolution of Human Artistry

 - Aug 6, 2015
References: theawesomedaily
Artist Billy Bogiatzoglou has taken skull art to a new level. By engraving the motifs of ancient art onto replicas of skulls in swirling, metallic patterns, Bogiatzoglou emphasizes the common thread of humanity that carries through history.

This series of skull art displays patterns common in ancient Greek, Roman and Celtic drawings. On a lacquered black background, the coppery engraving shows the commonalities and striking differences between ancient modes of art. At the same time, the choice to use skulls as a canvas reminds the viewer that no matter the differences in cultural expression, we are all human.

Skull art is a common theme in classical and modern art, from still life to graffiti. Bogiatzoglou's work feeds into a larger tradition, but is unique in both its aesthetic and its historical interpretation.