The Skin Pot Shrivels Up when the Plant Inside is Insufficiently Hydrated

 - Nov 19, 2013
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Those without green thumbs might find a great improvement to the health of their herbage if they transplanted it into the Skin Pot. This unusual verdure vessel has an informative element about it that enables it to communicate the health of what's inside. Essentially, it gauges the moisture level of the soil and alters its shape accordingly.

Like a dehydrated fruit, the Skin Pot wrinkles up completely when your herbs require more water. A smooth-looking planter is ideal, of course. The possibility of over-watering is not much of an issue since the container has the capacity to absorb excess liquid and to disperse it later when H2O is needed. This concept earned Gong Yan, Liang Yingjie, Xu Wei and Professor Luo Shijian an Honorable Mention within the 2013 Red Dot Design Awards.