The Ski Shores Lakehouse Offers a Contemporary Take on a Traditional Style

Architect Stuart Sampley designed the 'Ski Shores Lakehouse' in Austin, Texas.

The architect created this Texan abode in the spirit of the traditional dogtrot, an architectural style made up of two separate log cabins connected by a breezeway and covered by a single roof. Likewise, the Ski Shores Lakehouse features two volumes, which share a common porch. In the center of the volumes, in what would typically be referred to as the breezeway (or dogtrot), an outdoor dining area is situated. The location is especially perfect, as it is cooled by the nearby lake breeze, making the dining experience as comfortable as possible.

Inside, the home features a minimally-styled kitchen, a sunken living room that provides relief from unrelenting Texas heat and cozy bedrooms with windows that offer incredible views of the sprawling landscape.