The Skeletal Fruit Tray is a Hard Angular Surface for Storing Soft Snacks

 - Jun 9, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Visual and tactile intrigue are accomplished in objects like the Skeletal Fruit Tray which creates great contrast between form, color and feel. Designer Vinicius Lima has juxtaposed the smooth and rounded shapes that pears and apples embody against a hard and perforated platter.

Essentially, the bizarre bowl had simply to serve the purpose of containing various pieces of food. Limitless possibilities as far as structure arose in such a case, allowing the maker to opt for an avant-garde, 3D-printed object. Rectangular gaps were left in the folded plastic panel, providing places for snacks to settle. Larger creases act as troughs where several items can collect. The Skeletal Fruit Tray may comprise of little actual material, but it's been conceived with quite remarkable complexities.