Sixteen-Oaks Barn Combines Timber and Glass

 - May 25, 2018
References: archdaily
Tradition dictates that barns and farmhouses should be made of timber and modern mansions should be made of glass, but Sixteen-Oaks Barn in The Netherlands is eschewing tradition in favor of forward-thinking architecture. The building artfully combines building materials, mixing glass and timber to create a unique structuration.

Wood is coming back into favor for many architects, as the material has a natural warmth and comfort that concrete, glass, and even brick can't offer. However, none can deny that glass has its benefits as well, as the material allows light to pour in, and a bright space is a delightful space. By making the most of both materials at once, HilberinkBosch, the architects behind the project, introduce a building that's valuable for its occupants on multiple levels.

Image Credit: René de Wit