Evil Creatures Made From Insect and Plant Root

 - Oct 23, 2008   Updated: Aug 15 2011
References: theminiatureworldsshow & designyoutrust
Using insect wings and plant roots, Tessa Farmer conjures up these miniature scenes of worlds inhabited by tiny fairies and Hell's angels.

In the bizarre fictional worlds she creates, these sinister fairies mutate, mimic and torture the insects around them.

Her nasty little winged skeletal creatures have recently begun using bird and animal bones to build themselves flying vehicles.

Farmer describes her unique work as “...a tool to realize imaginative possibilities that might otherwise linger unseen, just beneath the surface.”

Implications - These creepy creatures offer an alternate, yet strikingly real, perspective on childhood imagination, which is often glamorized in art as infinitely playful and friendly. Showcasing its darker side, the creatures oppose traditional perceptions of fantasy that are routed in the Victorian era.