The SimpliSeat Bench Can Assume an Array of Configurations

 - Oct 7, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Modular design is the solution to industrial efficiency, reduced cost and customization, and a brilliant strategy in the manufacturing of objects like the SimpliSeat by Maksim Shniak. This project was undertaken to invent adaptable benches for placement in public spaces, providing owners, managers and planners with the flexibility to construct the perfect piece for their purposes.

It all begins quite elementarily with a triangle: a three-faced form made of glued panels and bent plywood. With a collection of several of such modules, a wide range of distinctive seating systems can be assembled, accommodating anywhere from one person to an entire family. Special wooden connectors fit each component securely together so that even SimpliSeat units of mahogany, cherry and natural woods can be creatively linked together.