This Simple Peppermint Cheesecake Can Be Made Without an Oven

The 'Public Lives, Secret Recipes' blog recently put together a recipe for a simple peppermint cheesecake that requires no baking time. With Christmas less than two weeks away, many people are looking for a holiday dessert that will wow friends and family. This tasty cheesecake combines familiar holiday flavors with a few unexpected ingredients.

The simple peppermint cheesecake is is made from a sweet cereal crust and a creamy peppermint filling. The crust is similar to that of a Rice Krispie square in that it is made from marshmallows, butter and puffed cereal. This recipe specifically calls for Cocoa Pebbles, to give the dish a hint of chocolate. Once the crust has been prepared, the sweet peppermint filling can be added. The filling is made from an indulgent combination of cream cheese, powdered sugar and crushed peppermint.

The end result is a delicious holiday dessert that can be whipped up in no time at all.