Simon Monk Explores How Much Seemingly Meaningless Object Can Tell

 - Nov 13, 2011
References: simonmonk & sweet-station
Artist Simon Monk began this series of rather eccentric depictions of bagged items as a means to explore scale and representation. Clearly, speaking to the more materialistic arenas of life, Monk creates detailed, photo-realistic depictions of objects in bags. Some of the items appear ready for sale, with the packaging intact and on display on a pegboard one would encounter in a Hardware store. Others items are packaged less formally, perhaps illustrating they are apart of a much larger collection of an avid collector.

According to Simon Monk, he highlights the "dislocation of scale characteristics of toys and models," by depicting a plastic lobster half the of the real deal and a series of horses and ponies of different sizes and scales coexisting in the same bag. Monk also explores the limited narrative these objects tell. The viewer is left to puzzle their location, their possible owner and the meaning that they hold. Illustrating just how limiting materialism is to understanding the human experience, Simon Moss has created a series to scratch your head to.

Mind-blowing realistic and deliciously allusive in meaning, Simon Moss has created paintings that ripe for debate.