The Simon Kossoff 'Remains to be Seen' Series Explores Adversity

The compilation of photographs in the Simon Kossoff 'Remains to be Seen' photo book are an aesthetic reflection on a common and familiar battle. Addressing the ideas of grief, loss and memory and their subsequent emotional impact, each of the photos in Kossoff's newly published book are a practice in revisionism and an exploration of the past.

While this work is highly personal, the explained themes are destined to tug at viewer's heartstrings, as they are reminded of their own personal struggles and forced to revisit them through a retrospective lense. The project is a pracitce in 'The unexamined life is not worth living,' as each shot explores internal battles and emphasizes the importance of using these battles to achieve self awareness.

Implications - Photography often serves as a lens into the past and an emotional outlet or consumers looking to reflect on both past and present defining moments. The emotional power of these works of art is one not replaceable with words, and this appeal to aesthetic is an effective way of both exploring and communicating elements of the self.