Javier Molina's 'A Murder of Silhouettes' References Tom Waits

 - Aug 3, 2016
References: molinabarrios & fubiz.net
Javier Molina is an artistic photographer based in London, England, who takes pride in capturing more than what can be seen, showing that vision comes from not only what is there, but how it is interpreted -- a sentiment that carries true in his recent silhouette photography series.

Titled 'A Murder of Silhouettes,' Javier Molina is said to have named the project in tribute to Tom Waits' song 'Alice.' The song's somber tone matches the lonely feeling perpetuated by each silhouette photograph -- with Javier Molina showcasing streams of light accented by heavy dark shadows. The subjects in each are the shadows themselves, which move intricately on buildings to create shapes that might otherwise go ignored.