Silentia is a Character Brought to Life by Yola Blackenthered

 - Feb 5, 2014
References: instagram & silentiaworld.tumblr
Silentia is an illustrated character with a twisted mind and a dark sense of humor brought to life by illustrator Yola Blackenthered. Silentia is not mute, but instead chooses to avoid speaking. Her name means "Silent Utopia", adding to the mystery that surrounds this quirky character.

In Silentia Silent World, Silentia shares her dark opinion and humor, which maybe is not accepted by some people. Her ultimate wish is actually very simple: to live in a silent world. In Silentia Silent World, most illustrations are only using black and red colors with white background. This is to emphasize her simple and dark character.

Inside Silentia Silent World, the illustrator just wants to share her simple dark idea about the little things in life. Through Silentia's dark humor, she wants to enjoy the darkness of life, in a simple, bloody way.