Montreal's Siamoises Mentana-Boyer Project Features Dual Residences

 - Jul 1, 2014
References: btae & mocoloco
Located in the heart of Montreal, Qu├ębec, Canada, Siamoises Mentana-Boyer is designed by the Blouin Tardif Architecture Environnement team. The project's head designer Alexandre Blouin fronted its construction and worked alongside team members Isabelle Beauchamp and Jonathan Trottier to bring his client's vision to life.

Formerly a commercial lot, this modernist residence's site now houses two Siamese residences. Each of the co-properties occupies half of the lot and embraces minimalist design ideals that compliment their urban surroundings.

When creating the Siamoises Mentana-Boyer project, its architects created two inner courtyards to provide inhabitants with natural light and privacy from their neighbors.

Each of these dual homes features three levels that house living spaces on their top floors. The residences also reveal yards and terraces that offer a touch of privacy and nature to city-dwelling tenants.