Shreddies Underwear Helps Frequent Farters Avoid Embarrassment

 - Oct 22, 2013
References: myshreddies & laughingsquid
Shreddies Underwear is a new line of undergarments designed to filter the smell of farts. The UK-based company created the underpants not as a gag, but as a means of helping those who suffer from IBS (irritable bowl syndrome), Crohn's disease and other digestive disorders. The pants use a material known as Zorflex, which is the same stuff used in chemical warfare suits.

The Shreddies Underwear can reportedly filter odors 200 times as smelly as human flatulence. The company is offering its underwear to both men and women, with each gender getting a variety of styles to choose from. At the moment, Shreddies Underwear appear to only be sold in the UK, but that could change if the undergarments prove a hit.