The Rode VideoMic Me Shotgun Microphone is Easy to Use

 - Dec 19, 2016
References: amazon & thegadgetflow
The smartphone has become quite the advanced piece of equipment for recording purposes, so the Rode VideoMic Me shotgun microphone helps expand the functionalities to be more optimized.

The Rode VideoMic Me works by being attached onto iOS devices via the headphone jack to instantly add a professional-grade microphone onto the unit. This makes it ideal for video recording purposes or for audio interview purposes to instantly capture content without the need to rerecord it.

The Rode VideoMic Me shotgun microphone comes packed with a deluxe windshield to help filter out environmental noise. The Rode VideoMic Me features a dual-sides design that has a microphone on either side to enable the videographer/recorder to also speak into the unit when being used.