The Shoot Pool Slide is Shaped Like an Elegant Arching Fountain of Water

 - Sep 26, 2013
References: splinterworks
Very seldom is fun -- in the youthful sense of the word -- formalized in an object that's so elegant. Serving as a graceful sculpture on its own, the Shoot Pool Slide offers a second function as a much more energetic way to enter the swimming area below it.

Splinter Works designed the abstract abstract water slide so that it can be successfully manufactured from carbon fiber and finished luxuriously in silver leaf. Steel foundations root it beneath the pool deck so that the weight of users, in addition to its own uneven weight, would never result in it toppling.

Apparently inspired by the arc-shaped trajectory of water from a drinking fountain, the Shoot Pool Slide embodies a natural beauty. It seems to defy gravity with its flaring chute and provides gorgeous conical detailing as an unexpected ladder.