The 'Sh*t Never Said During the Olympics' is Lighthearted

 - Aug 13, 2012
References: youtube & adverblog
The 'Sh*t Never Said During the Olympics' video is a lighthearted take on sports commentary and the hilarious things that are never said throughout the Olympic games.

The group of guys that created this -- Troy Kinne, Nick Cody, Max Price and Elliot Loney -- parody the opposites of comments made throughout the Olympics. For instance, one of the guy's comments: "To be honest, I don't think I actually know enough about the sport to comment" is something that is rarely said throughout the games and nearly everyone knows someone who doesn't really know enough to comment, but does anyways.

A fair bit of their comments are aimed at things guys never say throughout the Olympics, like the "These volleyball girls, they should probably wear shorts, I reckon." The hysterical parody is definitely worth checking out.