The Shine Vases Exude an "Idea Beyond Crystal"

 - Feb 11, 2014
References: eugeniquitllet & mocoloco
With the Shine Vases, the contours embodied are quite different from the actual space provided inside. These stylish pieces by Eugeni Quitllet present an intriguing formal interplay of light, color, texture and dimension as transparent illusions that decorate your home all on their own.

Indeed, you wouldn't even require bouquets of flowers to place within the Shine Vases, for they're sufficiently optically compelling when left empty. You can discern the narrow and conical cavities created in the plexiglass; this material projects to shape thick shells with voluptuous curves and silhouettes that are embellished with fine surface ripples, rays and raised grids. The Shine Vases collection comprises bold and elevated dishes in clear or colorful versions.