The Shimmer and Shine Magical Flying Carpet Toy Swiftly Glides Across the Floor

 - Nov 23, 2016
References: shop.nick & toysrus
'Shimmer and Shine' is a Canadian-American animated series for children that's shown on Treehouse TV and Nickelodeon. The pair of genie girls promote the value of teamwork by solving problems together -- making for an entertaining show that leaves a positive impression.

Recently, Nickelodeon released a new Shimmer and Shine toy, which has the best friends glide along on a magic carpet. When in action, the carpet flutters to make it look as though the girls are floating, all while music and other sounds complement the whole experience.

A total of 40 phases are included, making the product more immersive for children and therefore entertaining them for a longer period of time. When not on the magic carpet, Shimmer and Shine can we played with separately, allowing children to take them on a variety of adventures.