This Fire Extinguisher Keeps Users Safe in More Ways Than One

 - Apr 11, 2014
References: & yankodesign
When a normal fire retardant won't do, one needs a shielded fire extinguisher. Fires are unpredictable and being able to protect oneself against the oncoming blaze while also putting the fire out is certainly handy.

This shield fire extinguisher can help in a whole host of ways. The first being that if you are in a fire you can now defend against it while putting it out rather than facing away from the blaze while you fire. Another big one is that the shield itself can be used to break locks and hot door handles, handles that wouldn't be able to be opened by hand due to the intense heat.

More than anything though, having a shield in a critical situation is always a plus, so the shield fire extinguisher comes clutch in dire situations.