Shi Jindian Recreates All Kinds of Transportation Using Wires

These recreations of famous transportation tools by Shi Jindian are incredible and life-sized. In a world where most art is computer generated or photoshopped at the very least, handmade pieces are a dime a dozen and reflect real patience, dedication, vision and talent.

According to Oddity Central, Jindian's masterpieces start out as steel wrappings around the common objects he’s trying to replicate, and when the work is done, Jindian destroys or somehow extracts the object, leaving only the wire frame. In addition to automobiles and bikes, the Chinese artist recreates other commonplace objects such as musical instruments.

It really is difficult to imagine someone creating such a detailed and accurate representation of such complex objects using something so simple as steel wire, but this is what makes his artworks so mind-blowing and unique.