The Sheridan College Design Ads are Distinguishably Designed

 - Sep 23, 2011
References: rethinkcanada & adsoftheworld
The latest Sheridan College Design Ads brilliantly deliver the message that art and design is serious business. The campaign, done by the Canadian advertising Agency Rethink Communications, cleverly illustrates the massive competition in the field of art and design.

Designed in accordance to each one of Sheridan’s academic subjects—design, illustration, photography, animation or film—the ads have a message and an image perfectly related to its content. For example, "Simply being a good designer or digital artist isn’t enough in today’s crowded marketplace. Fortunately, Sheridan can train you to be your best." Although the general message is simple and overused by other universities, what is remarkable about the campaign is how the message is visually transmitted to the audience. In this case, the written idea is combined with an image of a computer screen with thousands of cursors tackling at the same design project. The message becomes definitely more meaningful because of the picture.  

It’s appropriate to say that for the Sheridan College Design Ads, an image speaks more than a thousand words.