Shelf by Raz Krulfeld is Marvelously Multifarious and Asymmetrical

 - May 10, 2013
References: facebook & leibal
This Shelf by Raz Krulfeld is far more complex than what it's simple name suggests. This is a multifunctional domestic accessory that would prove particularly useful if hung over a kitchen island.

There are two sides to the wire-suspended storage system, both featuring 90-degree ledges that are angled upwards to ensure that their contents remain secure. One side is shorter and higher than the other, well-suited to be a spice rack or a spot for small canisters. The opposite side makes a great cookbook shelf, integrating a sunken wooden slip for the insertion of culinary and homemaker magazines.

For added utility, the Shelf by Raz Krulfeld features a knife holder, a row stainless steel hooks for and a light for illuminating the countertop below.