The New Denver of Museum of Art

 - Oct 13, 2006
References: & philly
This is a photo of the new Denver of Museum of Art. Designed by NYC architect Daniel Libeskind, the Museum features sharp edges and a bold exterior that will surely make it an architectual landmark.

Libeskind's museum, which was designed with the Denver-based Davis Partnership, exudes the swaggering confidence of a city on the rise. The $75 million building is Denver's latest addition to the cultural campus, which includes Ponti's turreted fortress and Michael Graves' central library from the mid-'90s, a masonry building that is as imposing, and as suffocating, as heavy drapes. It is tempting to dismiss these three architectural icons as the trophy collection of a nouveau-riche burg, but Libeskind's lilting geometry and sophisticated spatial volumes save the day.

In contrast with its ponderous, earthbound neighbors, his museum looks ready for a springy takeoff. But it is Libeskind's sure-handed site planning - a quality that New Yorkers never fully appreciated - that forces the self-involved beauty contestants to behave in a collegial and civic way. That Libeskind's museum achieves such a degree of urban grace, without forcing itself into a background role, is an achievement.