The Shark Olympics Series is Dangerously Competitive

 - Aug 12, 2012
References: slacktory & obviouswinner
Since Shark Week happens to be during this year's 2012 London Olympics, Discovery Channel and NBC have teamed up to bring you Shark Olympics, because why can't the sharks compete in their own events too?

The latest to emerge are these series of photographs that include violent sharks Photoshopped together with competing Olympic athletes. Cleverly called the Shark Olympics, these superimposed images feature swimming superstar Ryan Lochte being chased by a great white shark and various other athletes. Fencing and diving also makes an appearance using a shark in replacement for horse jumping and even a shark competes in gymnastics.

There have been a number of images in this year's Olympics that have been all to easy to poke fun at, but this collection is truly something special.