The 'Shark Bites: The World's Deadliest Sharks' Infographic is Petryifying

 - Aug 20, 2012
The 'Shark Bites: The World's Deadliest Sharks' infographic examines the bites of sharks around the world and compares them to inform you which you need to be the most fearful of. While shark attacks are both rare and even more rarely fatal, they are still of many people's utmost concern as they enter the waters of the ocean.

In the history of their recorded existence (and of attacks that are recorded/known), great whites are the most feared for a reason. While they only have a recorded 69 fatal attacks overall (from 1580 until 2011), they still top the list of deadliest sharks. In a distance second and third, the Tiger and Bull follow with 29 and 26 fatal attacks, respectively.