This Russian Tampax Commercial Features an Epic Shark Attack

 - Jul 23, 2013
References: & featureshoot
This memorable Russian commercial for Tampax contains an epic Jaws-style shark attack. Young women everywhere share a fear (however irrational) of being attacked by wild animals while menstruating. Sharks are definitely among these feared blood-seeking beasts. This humorous and intense commercial plays off of those fears.

The commercial begins with two beautiful women on a beach, each one about to take a quick dip. After a few seconds of peaceful splashing, a great white shark emerges, snapping up the brunette in his jaws, while the blond keeps on swimming. Then some writing appears at the bottom of the screen, praising Tampax for its effective leak guard. This commercial is both clever and ridiculous.

As a woman I can honestly say that this commercial is extremely effective. The fear of attracting unwanted animal attention while on one’s period is strong enough that leak guard-focused products will likely stand out among the rest.