Keep Neighbors at Bay with This Rudely Shaped Doormat

 - Sep 22, 2013
References: fancy & fancy
If you don't like your neighbors, this rudely shaped doormat is just what you need to keep them away. With the edge bitten off as if a dog (or family member) chewed it off, you'll give unwanted visitors a scare!

It's not as rude as some of the other unwelcoming doormats out there, but it has a snappy enough threat that's convincing. On the other hand, if you're really a friendly neighbor, this mat will serve as a humorous piece that will have all your guests smiling when they walk in. The mat is made from sturdy material so it will last you through each season of the year.

With the words "go away, I bite," you can follow up your menacing message with a threat that carries.