*Relativity by Drzach & Suchy

 - May 8, 2008
References: drzachsuchy.ch & yankodesign
Drzach & Suchy use a special technique to create art pieces that completely change their image under different the light sources. The pieces in their *relativity collection display one image during the day, and a completely different image at night. Some pieces even display three images: morning, noon, night.

The artists encode multiple images within a single white panel, which displays the separate images under appropriate lighting conditions.

According to the designers, their work "explores the relativity of perception and the dependence of appearance on the surroundings. It illustrates the fact that the message communicated to the observer can dramatically change with varying external conditions."

The Marilyn piece stays true to its name by displaying either Marilyn Manson or Marilyn Monroe. Another piece displays a victim trying to defend herself during the day while the attacker with his big knife is shown at night. As for the Pope vs. Yoda, I am not really sure what the message is...