Seung Hoon Park Weaves FIlm Strips Together to Create Unified Images

Photographer Seung Hoon Park shows extraordinary vision with his woven portrait pieces. As a part of an ongoing series and exclusive exhibition TEXTUS, the South Korean artist weaves together individual film strips to give his works the appearance of a single print. Like any magician, his methods are kept a secret and how these artistic wonders are mean remains a mystery to awe-struck audiences.

The complete puzzle-style works display famous buildings, monuments and places around the world with exceptional detail, with no one piece out of place. Hundreds of individual photos were required to create these magisterial mosaics and Park is celebrated for his dedication to the form.

Implications - Much of art appreciation is related to respect for the artist's vision, diligence and dedication to their work. The patience and attention to detail required to create most works is astounding to most, especially in a highly digital world where final products are usually attainable via the stroke of a keyboard.