Set to Mimic is a Smart Dish That Transforms the Taste of Meals

 - Apr 21, 2015
References: youtube & electroluxdesignlab
If you've ever hated broccoli and brussel sprouts or have a picky eater in your household, Set to Mimic will change the way you look at unappealing foods. The smart dishware concept is conceived by Sorina Răsteanu, a Romanian design student who became an Electrolux Design Lab finalist last year.

This sophisticated project conceives a device that alters the taste of one's meals. Its ad features a child who is unenthused to eat his cauliflower. Though healthy, the food item lacks taste, leading the boy to protest his mom's pleads. Once placed on Set to Mimic, the boy's veggie meal is given the taste of potato chips, leading him to take in a cauliflower's nutrients without having to deal with its bland taste.

Though conceptual, this smart dishware concept suggests that healthy eating and weight management will be easier for the masses with the help of modern technology.