The SensePlus Does Double Duty by Detecting Harmful Gas or Fires

 - Jun 28, 2013
References: indiegogo & likecool
To help offer added protection while charging your device, the SensePlus iPhone dock features built-in sensors to automatically keep track of any harmful gas that might be lingering in your home. Moreover, the SensePlus also features a smoke detector, which can help to alert you should the unfortunate event of a fire happen while you're sleeping.

While the SensePlus might not offer the same functionality as a traditional dock, the main focus for it's existence is to save lives. If gas or fire is detected in your home and no one is there to acknowledge the alert, the SensePlus app will automatically call designated numbers in your address book to quickly let them know of the impending danger. This is a great feature if you're a deep sleeper or are outside during the event.