The Semiotic Alpine Escape Rethinks Traditional Social Heirarchy

 - Jul 14, 2015
References: senonerarmin.wix &
The Semiotic Alpine Escape might look like a futuristic resort of some sort, but it actually imagines a bigger purpose that could change the way people interact with each other and formulate stereotypes. It is a large building that hangs off a cliff in visually striking way. Yet people shouldn't get caught up in the look of the Semiotic Alpine Escape.

Designed by Italian architect Armin Senoner, the Semiotic Alpine Escape is meant to transcend the traditional social hierarchy. As translated on Fubiz, "The Semiotic Alpine Escape is an architectural project which rethinks the hierarchy and the concept of caste, social division in struggle: the aristocracy, the middle class and the working class . By following these different levels, he thought his building to accommodate the diverse needs of the top, middle and bottom in a single structure."