This Product Was Designed to Relax Sore Muscles and Relieve Stress

 - Nov 18, 2016
References: facebook & kickstarter
The 'Oto Massage Shagger' is a self-massager that was created in response to the unhealthy habits that many modern day consumers develop over time.

Many people now spend their days sitting over a computer or cell phone at work and in their personal lives – a fact that has led to many different health issues including sore and achey muscles. This self-massager gives consumers the option of taking care of those sore spots on their own, without having to concern themselves with paying an excessive amount of money for a massage. The handheld massaging device works to improve the appearance of cellulite, alleviate soreness, promote lymphatic drainage and boost blood circulation.

This self-massager works to alleviate physical and mental stress and as a result, enhance the health of those who use it.