'Selfies with Homeless' is an Extremely Disappointing Instagram Fad

 - Feb 12, 2014
References: theatlantic & globalnews
If you didn’t think duckface selfies or selfies at funerals were bad enough, meet the new teen selfie trend: selfies with homeless people. This tacky trend has even got its own tumblr.

It’s exactly what you think it is: kids posing with seemingly unaware and non-consenting homeless people. They get up close and personal with their new homeless photo friend.

Until it ends and those who participate realize how dehumanizing this is, let's use the trend for good. One page suggests that people donate to charities for the homeless when they see these shameless selfies instead of just getting annoyed.

Don’t mock the homeless with this tacky trend. Instead, lets get angry together about the issue of homelessness; angry enough to want to help change it!